In this presentation you'll discover:

  • The simple system our clients use to escape their unfulfilling career, create a 6-figure income and positively impact thousands of lives in a matter of weeks... without wasting months or even years on trial & error.
  • Why hoping something will magically happen to catapult you out of the job you hate is the WORST mistake people make; it will kill your spirit, your motivation and your performance. 
  • How you can get your freedom back, take 4-day weekends, month-long sabbaticals, or work remotely from anywhere… while becoming the envy of all your colleagues.
  • How to build a PROFITABLE business you love that you can scale to whatever level you want, working less than you are right now... even if you’re not sure about what kind of business to create and no idea how to generate revenue on your own.
  • The step-by-step plan that lets you make the transition out of your unfulfilling job and into your solo career smoothly over 2-3 months… with minimal risk and still earning a pay check.
  • How you can experience the pride and self-confidence from building something that matters and is aligned with your values… without wasting time on expensive certifications.

Moe Choice is a 6-figure solopreneur, serial-entrepreneur and recognised master coach, who has been directly responsible for the success of global talents for over 20 years.